The Pinnix Murder-Suicide (1911)

Tombstones for Charles and Maggie New

I stumbled upon the tragic story behind the deaths of William and Fannie New Pinnix while researching Fannie’s siblings, who died of various diseases while very young. Looking at the burial ledger for Green Hill Cemetery during the month of December 1911 when William and Fannie died, there are two entries for names that look like “Pinnix” who were buried in the New family square. When I went back to the cemetery though there were no markers in the square for anyone except Charles and Maggie New (the two siblings) and Fannie’s father, William. Unless their bodies were moved and re-interred elsewhere, I believe this to be the area where they lie today in unmarked graves. (Whether the graves ever had markers, I don’t know.) There is plenty of room in the plot for more burials and the depressions in the ground could indicate more graves.

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