Murders and Suicides

A Tragic Ending to Bessie Hillyer’s Love Story

Chloe Canfield Murdered in Cold Blood

“Cooly, Deliberately,& Cruely Murdered”

Doctor Knocked from His Horse With an Axe

Drowning at the Hands of an Insane Mother

Father Kills Daughter, Then Suicides After April Fools’ Prank

“Flung Himself From a Tower” (1894)

Husband Shoots Wife as Children Slumber

Ira Tuck: “Self-Suicide”

Josie Wheeler: Tired of Life

Kills Man; Commits Suicide

The Lawson Family

Man & Dog Shot By Jilted Admirer

Mollie DeJarnette

Nathaniel Lea Johnston: A Bloody Yanceyville Tragedy

The Pinnix Murder-Suicide

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