Orin Schoolfield: Consumption

Orin Cottrell Schoolfield’s vaulted obelisk is within the simple curbing outlining one of the Schoolfield family plots in Green Hill Cemetery. His brother Lovick, who died in the Knickerbocker Theater Disaster, is buried nearby along with other relatives.

Lovick was around ten years old when his older brother Orin passed away from consumption at age twenty-six. According to a death notice published on April 11, 1900 Orin spent time at one of the health resorts (possibly a mineral springs retreat) in an attempt to defeat the illness which forced him to return to Danville from his work in Chicago.

I held off publishing this entry hoping that I’d run across a photo of Orin, who was allegedly “one of the best known men in the State” but none were publicly available.

orrin 2
These photos were taken hastily in 2013.



The Times [Richmond] 11 Apr. 1900
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