The Berger-Dickenson Family Cemetery

In 2013 I trekked to the northern part of Pittsylvania County to visit the graveyard at Siloam United Methodist Church. On the return trip I noticed a small family cemetery that looked too old and interesting to ignore. What caught my eye were the shapes of the markers and the symbols decorating them.
Because the Berger-Dickenson cemetery is on private property I parked on the side of the road and took a few photos from a distance. There were many other graves that I would’ve liked to have seen up-close, but I didn’t want to risk trespassing.
Mabel Berger was the intended focus of this entry, but over the years I haven’t been able to find out much about the the infant’s brief life in Oklahoma’s Sac & Fox territory or how she died. For that reason I held off on posting all of the photos of this graveyard…until now.
mabel berger

Mabel Nina.
Infant daughter of 
T.C. & R.M. Berger
at Sac & Fox Agcy. Ind. Ter.
June 3, 1888:
at same place
Nov. 2, 1889.
Blessed be the God that giveth
Blessed be the God that taketh.”

Mabel was the daughter of Thomas Carson Berger and Rose Martha Graves Berger, originally from the Toshes area of Pittsylvania County. There was a paragraph about T.C. in a genealogical record of the Nowlin-Stone families that explained the Bergers’ business in Oklahoma when Mabel was born.


Here are just a few of the other markers in the cemetery.





Tommie Berger, Mabel’s brother


Maj. Samuel D. Berger, d. 1861 at age 25


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