That Corset is to Die For

I saw an ad for some kind of waist trainer recently. I’m not so sure that practice is such a good idea, for several reasons.

Misc. Tidings of Yore

Ad, New York Tribune, 11 May 1902

For women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tightly lacing a corset to achieve an hourglass figure was still very much popular despite a movement to end such an unhealthy and uncomfortable trend. Here are a few news accounts of women who actually died (or were said to have died) due to the wearing of this fashionable undergarment.

The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, KY, 9 Feb. 1895

The victim was a poor servant girl who died after a fright, and her death was attributed by the medical witnesses to the fact that she was too tightly belted to enable her to stand the wear and tear of any sudden emotion.

The Highland Weekly News, Hillsoboro, OH, 20 Feb, 1868

She had carried on the practice until finally her ribs were so pressed in on the lungs…

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