Showmen’s Rest: Evelyn Marrion’s Fatal Plunge

The Dead Bell

From the Morning Star, Rockford, Illinois

Daisy “Evelyn” Marrion is buried in “Showmen’s Rest,” an area of Los Angeles’ Evergreen Memorial Park and Crematory, among the graves of over 400 former carnival and circus workers. Until I heard about this plot, I never really thought about where circus performers were buried which is alarming since I’m so fascinated by circus and carnival culture. It makes sense that graveyards around the world have special plots for “carnies;” most people are buried with their families and for this particular nomadic population, their fellow circus folk are family.

I regret not getting a better photo of Evelyn’s marker.

Evelyn, who was 38 when she died, was one of the unfortunate souls who died during a performance with “The Four Sky Devils,” an aerial act. Evelyn had  28 years of experience in the circus business as an aerialist according to the Dixon…

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