"That Horrid Corpse Kept Looking At The Girls"

Misc. Tidings of Yore

Sometimes you really can’t improve upon the original headline, which is the case with this story from the Spokane Press (Spokane, Washington) on April 6, 1908. It seems that a group of female employees were more concerned with having a laugh at the view of a sheeted corpse at a nearby funeral parlor, until the sheet was removed. That’s when things took a turn for the hysterical.

     “A score of hysterical girls who wrung their hands, cried and mussed up their hair and pointed in terror out the back windows Saturday afternoon caused the men employees of Jodoin and Davids to rush gallantly to the girls’ workroom and there witness a sight which caused them no wonder at the mental and physical condition in which they found the young ladies.
     Lying in plain view from the store windows they could see the cold, stark remains of…

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