Panic At the Funeral

Misc. Tidings of Yore

The majority of funerals that I’ve attended have been somber, solemn events that thankfully went as smoothly as could be expected without chaos and destruction. (Well, there was that one time I walked into a nest of baby ticks, but I didn’t make a big deal out of that.) In most situations, I always imagine the worst case scenario. For example, what if the casket fell over during the service? Here are some examples of send-offs gone array that are much worse than a toppled corpse (even though that would be very, very traumatic.)

Evening Public Ledger [Philadelphia] 26 Feb. 1916
In Chalfonte, Pennsylvania, the floor underneath a crowd of funeral attendees collapsed. Mrs. Abram Garges in the casket with about 100 guests fell, barely escaping a descent to the cellar. “A panic followed. Women and children cried. One woman was temporarily deranged.”
Somehow no one was hurt.
Bemidji Daily Pioneer…

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