A Return to Old City Cemetery

Before stopping by Spring Hill my first destination in Lynchburg last weekend was Old City Cemetery. Longtime readers here probably recall some of my previous excursions to OCC, which I consider to be one of Virginia’s loveliest burial grounds.


The Langley Plot
Dr. R.B. Gaines, one of Lynchburg’s first doctors
“Here lies the body of Bransford Vawter, Lynchburg’s First Poet”
I haven’t been able to find a marker for Maria Wilson, who died in the 1876 Court St. Baptist Church Tragedy
the entrance to the Confederate Section

Twenty-nine soldiers who died from smallpox are buried in Old City Cemetery. The location of their graves is unknown, but according to the website they are most likely buried in a row towards the far side of the section and in “Yankee Square.” Most of the northern soldiers were buried among the confederate graves.

“In Memory of the Confederate Soldiers Who Died of Smallpox in the Hospitals of Lynchburg During the War Between The States”
To me, it looks like the roots are “holding hands” with the markers.
The Confederate Monument
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