Old Town Cemetery, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Hillsborough’s Old Town Cemetery, (est.1757), is tucked away behind the Presbyterian church at the corner of North Churton and West Tyron Streets. Even though it’s just off the main road through the downtown area I didn’t realize that it was there until last summer due to its semi-secluded location.

Members of some of the town’s oldest and most prominent families are buried on the grounds, which was the site of the original St. Matthew’s Church.
William Hooper, who signed the Declaration of Independence was buried here, but in 1894 he was reinterred  at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. His original slab still rests at Old Town.

Mary Goddard Nash (left) and husband Frederick Nash (right)

“Death of Chief Justice Nash” from the Weekly Standard, 8 Dec. 1858

You’ll see several pictures of this grave because it’s my favorite here.

Lamb at the foot of Sophronia’s grave

From last summer:

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