Hollywood Cemetery (Part Two)

These photos were taken in August 2013 at Richmond, Virginia’s Hollywood Cemetery. Between going back to work, starting a manuscript, organizing a Death Cafe, visiting graveyards, and other “life obligations,” I haven’t had time to research very many of the individual graves. Hopefully I’ll catch up eventually but until then…

Jefferson Davis’ monument & several of his relatives’ graves
This is one of my favorite parts of the cemetery. It was like a little neighborhood of mausoleums.
Kate E. Walker’s bench marker is flanked by two Greek sphinxes.
This cross didn’t look very stable.
The Pool crypt, scene of the “Richmond Vampire” urban legend
The Confederate memorial pyramid
The “Iron Dog”
Through the glass of the Logan mausoleum
This crypt houses the remains of the Sauer family (of the C.F. Sauer Company)
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