Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in the (Old) News

I’ve not had the pleasure of personally visiting Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York, but it looks like a beautiful place with a fascinating history. After seeing photos from Bess Lovejoy and Allison C. Meier‘s recent trip to the grounds I remembered a few articles I saved about Hartsdale earlier in the year. In the spirit of cleaning up my “hoard” of clippings, here are a few pieces with some historical background and images from the olden days (in no particular order).

This is (hopefully) an easier-to-read version of the epitaphs from above.
“A Dog Coffin Factory In Paris”
The Ogden-Standard Examiner [Utah] 16 June 1922
The Iola Register [Kansas] 2 Dec. 1898
The Paducah Evening Sun [Kentucky] 16 Oct. 1907
Western News-Democrat [Valentine, Nebraska] 18 Jan. 1899
Akron Daily Democrat 4 Apr. 1891
From the Morning Tulsa Daily World on July 2, 1922 (please overlook the overlap in images and text):
(This was the last part of the text that I could locate.)
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