Images From Hollywood Cemetery

The last time I went to Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery was close to ten years ago and it was near closing time, so I didn’t do much exploring. I’ve wanted to return ever since and finally I made the three-hour trek yesterday. Regretfully, I didn’t have the chance to tour the entire grounds due to the extremely high temperature and my photosensitivity. (It was in the upper 80s when I arrived at 9 a.m.!) I know I missed some great spots, but that just gives me an excuse to return when it’s cooler, maybe in September. (A birthday adventure, perhaps?)

Here are some of the 200 or so photos taken as well as a few clippings from historic newspapers about the graveyard that I found interesting.

“I Shall Go To Him, But He Shall Not Return To Me”
President John Tyler’s monument
Pres. Tyler’s daughter Julia’s monument
President James Monroe’s birdcage-like tomb
I’m rethinking my decision to have a stone marker, this tomb is amazing.(Mine wouldn’t be as large, of course.)
Inside Monroe’s tomb
There is a larger pyramid marking Confederate soldiers’ graves elsewhere; this one has two names inscribed on the sides.
This used to be the caretaker’s house; I’m not sure who or what lives in it now.
Memphis Daily Appeal, 26 June 1870
The Times [Richmond, VA] 11 July 1897

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