Old Maplewood Cemetery

After a family obligation in Durham, North Carolina yesterday I returned to Maplewood Cemetery, hoping to find some of the older graves that I’d read about. It was by luck that I ended up in an area behind the office where I was able to see the Old Maplewood Cemetery across the street and beyond two locked gates. (I didn’t realize that there were separate designations for the two graveyards.) I drove around a residential area until I found an open entrance off of Kent Street, but wasn’t able to explore all the grounds due to intermittent rain and the fear of being locked inside the gates at 4:00. (This happened to me once locally and even though I laugh about it now, at the time it wasn’t so funny.)

It’s going to take awhile to sort through and research the 100+ pictures taken with the DSLR, but in the meantime here are some dreamy iPhone (Hipstamatic) images to tide you over.

Joseph S. Hall was a retired undertaker when he died in 1928.
Obviously I like trees and clouds.
The Durham Hebrew Cemetery is separated by Maplewood with fencing, but all of its gates were locked.
Washington Duke and his two sons have been re-interred elsewhere, but other relatives are still here.
“Hug a Tombstone”
“Grape Bootlegger”?
The Carr plot: same statues, different filters:
Mangum mausoleum (front)
Mangum mausoleum (back)

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