Wednesday’s Child – Joseph Diffendal

This is the grave marker for Joseph F. Diffendal in the Green Hill Cemetery in Danville, Virginia. The following information is from News, Tuesday, May 7, 1895: “A very sad death was that of Joe, son of Mr. William and Mrs. Mary Barrick Diffendal, daughter of George W. Barrick, which occurred April 22 after a short illness at Danville, VA. Aged 10 years, Little Joe was quite a favorite in our section, having spent several summer vacations here and we greatly sympathize with the bereaved parents.

Because he died in April and this blurb was printed a month later, it probably wasn’t an official obituary. The way the information was presented in the online archive was so jumbled that I couldn’t ascertain who wrote this piece.

Joseph’s headstone features a cross over the carving of a child with his arms folded over his chest. The stone is also adorned with ivy, a common symbol of immortality. In addition to his name and dates of birth and death, you can read the words, “In Heaven.”

His specific cause of death (or a best guess for 1895) is missing from the cemetery’s Mortuary Report.

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