Tombstone Tuesday

This is the shared headstone for my great-grandparents, Volney “Beaureguard” and Mary Wells. They are buried on the family farm, land on which some of my immediate family still lives and works. In fact, the farm has been in the family since 1772 when my earliest known ancestor on that side of the family, Abraham, purchased the land from Thomas Jefferson’s first cousin, George. (Yes, that would be George Jefferson.)

There has been quite a bit of genealogic research conducted on this particular family, but the trails start to cool down in more recent generations with respect to my direct line. I have read that Beaureguard was a traveling minister. He and Mary had ten children.

He also had a pretty nifty mustache.


2 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday”

  1. That's pretty cool… I wish I could wander around on some land that had been in my family like that. My ancestors didn't stay in one spot for too long, so I wouldn't even know where to begin. I have seen some old pictures of houses and things like that that they used to live in.


  2. I lucked up in that department. I'm sure there are unmarked graves around the farm, or graves marked with field stones. It'd be nearly impossible to identify them. My grandfather's childhood home & a house he & my grandma first lived in are still standing, but in poor condition. When I was growing up we'd go in there, as they were used for tobacco storage.


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