Diana F+ Cemetery Pictures from the Past

Before I joined Find a Grave, my cemetery photos were more of landscapes rather than focused on individual markers. I found some older photos that I took around 2009 with a Diana F+ camera, back before the popularity of Instagram and Hipstamatic. I’m going on memory as to where these pictures were taken, so if you see a picture that doesn’t look like it came from the cemetery I listed, please let me know.

These were taken in Cedars Cemetery in Milton, NC.

These are from Lynchburg, VA’s historic Old City Cemetery. (You should really visit this cemetery if you’re in the area.)

These are from Green Hill Cemetery in Luray, Virginia. I had taken an additional roll of photos while here but when changing the film in the cemetery, I exposed it to light. You’ve gotta hate it when that happens.

Elizabeth Buracker Wheat

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